Posted by: Rina | November 9, 2008

This following is a summary of the book, Who Do You Think You Are?  Discovering the Power of the Kingdom Identity, by Jon.  We will be posting several sections each week.  To see the newest post, please scroll down to the next entry.  To read the book by chapter, click on the chapter links to the right of the screen.  We hope you’ll be inspired and edified by what you read here and we welcome any suggestions you may have for us!

There is a desperate need in the church today for the Children of God to stand up and recognize who they are in Christ. Unfortunately many of us have been raised with the belief that we’re not good enough. Even in Christianity there is a tendency to view ourselves as unworthy. There is a tremendous need in the body of Christ for believers to stop seeing themselves as “sinners saved by grace” and to start seeing themselves as holy, justified, saints. As Bill Johnson puts it: “Apart from Christ, we are unworthy. And it’s true that without Him we are nothing. But I’m not without Him, and I never will be again!” (1) Proverbs 23:7 tells us: “As a man thinks in His heart, so is he.” We will never rise above who we think we are. If we continue to view ourselves as sinners, we will never be able to access the grace to live as saints. If we continue to see ourselves as unworthy, we will forever attempt to merit favor with God through our works. If we continue to see ourselves as powerless, we will never fully grasp all that Messiah purchased for us on the cross. Who am I, according to God?



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